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Ad Tag Cloud
I am getting glimpse of Ad tag cloud in many sites. How good is it ? Does we get enough revenue out of this ? Please suggest a good ad tag cloud provider
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Tag cloud does not give you any revenue directly but as you can see the keywords keep on changing so when the bots search your site it includes those keywords too thinking that content is in your site so that will bring you the traffic.
Usually the tag cloud puts keywords which are found in your site but some keywords may be inserted randomly. It will work in both ways, it will bring you traffic but it may reduce you alexa ranking (although nobody considers it now a days).
So if you are ok with that then you can place tag cloud,
currently we are using of infolinks haven't tried any other.
Thanks admin. But is that ok with Google ? Does it treat Ad tag cloud as a fair practice ?

I saw Infolinks one at ICF. But on other IBF, the admin said it helps him pay server expenses. That is why I was wondering about the money making capabilities. Can you please check and confirm ?

PS: It was a different ad tag cloud and not there for members.
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although i havent had any problems with it yet, but will check and update soon.
Any update ?
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